Tuning, maintenance and restoration service

Grand Pianos, Baby Grand and Vertical pianos

Modern and historical
  • time  Fast interventions

    The perfect organization allows Marco Grassi to make the most of the time at its disposal and thereby reduces the waiting time for the customer.

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  • esperienza  Long-time experience

    Since 1999 the craft fills the days of Marco Grassi since his first day as a student at the Tuning course at the Conservatory of Rovigo, where he graduated with full marks.

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  • money  Low costs

    Rationalize his work is for Marco Grassi its lifestyle: with the help of a powerful database he manages all his jobs. This results in a positive effect on the final price to the customer.

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If you need to tune your piano or control its mechanics; if you want to control all components of your valuable instrument, visit Grassi Pianoforti in Trieste, Marco will solve all your problems!

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