Piano muting

Un sistema che si inserisce "silenziosamente" nel vostro strumento


Once the electronic system installed in silencing your piano, you can play at any time of day or night without anyone being involved from your performances / exercises.

Flipping a small lever you are going to cancel the sound of the strings and simultaneously activate the electronic function, represented by the sound of a Grand piano concert or other 127 sounds from various instruments. You have the choice!

You will be able to play by listening through headphones or through speakers to the favorite volume.

You will have the ability to control various sound parameters, among which the choice of the piano type or else the virtual acoustic environment.

The system represents an added value for the instrument that houses it: It enters “quietly” in your piano, which does not change or alter any of its original features. Among the various functions of the system and with the help of a computer, ,you will have the ability to store and even write and print the music you just played!